Which Can Pass the Drug Test Fast: Detox Drink or Detox Pill?

Detoxification, or detox in short, is the getting rid of body toxins and maintaining a healthy balance. The natural system of our body automatically flushes toxins out of the body to restore the balance. There are different channels like sweat, urine and stool to flush body toxins, but urine is the main channel that does this function faster and in more efficient manner. The traces of toxins appear in the urine faster than in any other medium. Even toxins take some time to reach the blood. This is one reason urine sample is considered best for drug screening and to conduct a drug test.

Detox drinks vs detox pills

If you have to face a drug test and get it cleared despite the fact that you have consumed a drug, you can’t rely on your body’s natural detox system which usually takes 2-3 weeks, but you can accelerate this process. Visit the website https://www.ouchclub.com to know this is possible. There are two best ways to accelerate natural detoxification within the body; to consume either detox drink or detox pills.


Some of the detox drink recipes are green detox drink, lemonade cleanse, fresh cranberry juice, fruit detox drink and dandelion detox tea that use natural food and drinks that cleanse. There are many more that you can use. Besides, there are detox pills, chewable tablets and capsules that affect in different ways. Some are fiber-boosting and use herbal extracts. These also come in many different forms and with composition of different natural ingredients.

Which is best

The goal of using detox drink and detox pill is same, to clear a drug test, but approach is different. Detox pill can help you achieve this goal faster compared to detox drink. Both are good but it’s your time need which decides the best one to use. Anything can work if you have enough time to proceed for your drug test.