But once you insert black people into the situation

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discount moncler outlet It possible that when s/he made the edit it was more like 3 or 4 which could appear more damning to the user. Obviously stepping back 3 or 4 downvotes is cheap moncler jackets sale nothing but on reddit it can sometimes feel like you being picked on.Also the response didn really contribute anything to the post to which it was replying I guess, but I saw it as the first post was kinda mocking Frank, and so ult right was suggesting we listen instead (which as I and others pointed out, has already been done on many instances before).Also this was the first post ever by a new account.If you want to make a comment, and don have a reddit account, what are you supposed to do? Make an account then wait a month before posting?Sometimes downvoting to 35 (or whatever it at now) is merited Sure, if it off topic or violates a rule. I do get where you coming from, and I personally didn downvote as I felt it relevant enough to respond to the comment but I did think it was borderline.The original comment didn contribute much to the conversation discount moncler outlet.