4 major symptoms of advanced stage of Osteoporose

Osteoporose is a condition of lower bone density in the body. It results in the weakening of the bones. The early stage of osteoporosis is known as osteopenia. Bones form the basic structure of our body hence, advanced stage of osteoporosis has its effects on the entire body. easily broken bones, stooped body structure and compression fractures are some major symptoms of the advanced stages of osteoporose tartar.

tratar osteoporose

Signs of the late stage of Osteoporose:

  1. Fragile bones get fractured easily: One of the most common symptoms of advanced osteoporosis is getting fracture even at a minor fall. Weakened bones and bone loss in the body are a major cause for this. In osteoporosis, bones become so weak that they get fractured even at a minor fall. If an individual gets a fracture at a fall where the fracture was least expected, then its advisable to get the body checked for osteoporosis.
  2. Height loss: loss of height is quite normal with growing age. However, if there is an abnormal height loss it is time to consult a doctor. A person having osteoporosis may have a spinal fracture, which could be one of the major reason for sudden height loss. Some of the other symptoms for vertebral fracture include:
  • Severe back pain
  • Limited spine movement
  • Uneasiness while standing or walking

Another major symptom of tartar osteoporose is Dowager’s hump. In the bones of the spine gets very weak which may further result in multiple fractures.

  1. Cramps and pain in bones and muscles: With growing age, a little bit of pain here and there in the body is quite acceptable. However if the pain in muscles and bone goes beyond acceptable limits, then it is time to visit the doctor for tratar osteoporose.
  2. Stooped posture: curved spine is very common in people suffering from osteoporosis. Uneasiness while walking and standing, sudden back pain and difficulty in bending are some of the common symptoms of spinal compression fracture.

In order to prevent osteoporosis, it is advisable to take supplements, do regular exercises and have a nutritious diet.